Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Service-Learning Summer Job Opportunities

Spend a week (or a month or two) this spring or summer helping young people discover how to make a difference in the world! The Civic Education Project (CEP), a leadership and citizenship program at Northwestern University, is NOW HIRING exceptional staff for our Spring & Summer 2008 service-learning programs. Learn more.

Spring & Summer Programs

CEP offers week-long field study programs for 9th-12th graders during the academic year, and intensive, three-week service-learning courses for 7th-12th graders during the summer. CEP programs explore complex social issues through academic study, meaningful service work, and meetings with community leaders, and help teach young people how to apply their skills and abilities to pressing social issues in their own communities. This year, CEP will offer programs in Chicago, Baltimore, Washington DC, New Orleans, New York, and San Francisco, covering a wide variety of topics, including poverty, homelessness, education, public health, law, politics, leadership, and social change. Learn more.

Job Opportunities

We are looking for outstanding teachers from public and private schools and universities, service-learning practitioners, other education, youth development and nonprofit professionals, and graduate and undergraduate students. Instructional, residential, and administrative positions are available, ranging from one-week to eight-week sessions in the spring or summer. Staff generally receive a cash stipend, room and board, and training in service-learning and experiential education. However, the biggest payoff comes from the opportunity to work with bright, motivated students, build community with passionate, dynamic colleagues, and gain valuable experience educating young people about civic engagement and social responsibility. Learn more.

How To Apply

To learn more about CEP programs and staff positions or to apply online, visit the website.

Apply Now! Spring staff consideration has just begun, and summer staff consideration begins February 15, 2008. Applications are accepted at any time, but are reviewed on a rolling basis as they are received, so candidates are encouraged to apply early to ensure full consideration.

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