Monday, June 30, 2008

Innovative Project-Based Learning: From Kindergarten to College

Presented by Christy G. Keeler, Ph.D. and Heather B. Rampton, M.Ed. at the National Educational Computing Conference, San Antonio 2008

  1. View sample student-made project (“Mixed-Up Chameleon”)
  2. Introduction and PBL overview
  3. The Strategies
    1. Video Methods
      1. Adapting literature into first-person using video (“Mixed-Up Chameleon”)
      2. Research-based video reports (“St. Patrick’s Day” — Not available online)
    2. Audio
      1. Mock interviews (“Tomorsky’s Simpson Book Review”)
      2. Process practice songs (“Gravity”)
      3. “Day in the Life”
        1. Man-on-the-street (“New York City Draft Riots")
        2. Journal memoirs (“Civil War Nurse”)
      4. Content-based podcasts (“Civil War Metaphors”)
    3. Blogs
      1. Journaling (“Harriet Tubman”)
      2. Daily homework (“Baula’s Logic…”)
      3. e-portfolios (“Dennison’s Pre-service Teacher Portfolio”)
    4. Digital Photography
      1. Scavenger hunts (“Geometry”)
    5. Page Layout Software
      1. Mock newspaper reports (“Saia’s 1930s Newspaper Book Review”)
      2. Tri-fold brochures (“Kuennen’s Book Review”)
    6. Common Applications
      1. Virtual museums using slideshows (“Native Americans of the Colonial Era”)
      2. Slideshow-based games
  4. Brainstorming/Goal Setting
  5. Closing